Lexan Headlight Protectors

Lexan is more commonly known as bullet proof plastic. Obviously at a greater thickness than these headlight protectors but as long as you don't try to shoot them they'll be OK. They'll handle stones being flung at them by passing lorries.

These aren't a product you can just place on your car and walk away, you do need to glue and bond them in place and adjust the headlights but on the plus side, they don't change the look of the car and they are dirt cheap.

Have a look at the fitting guide here:

We only have a small stock of these so we can judge how interested people are so if you want to give them a go, get in quick.

What would you rather do, pay 90 for a replacement headlight or a 1 off payment of 3 per headlight for protection? It's a no-brainer surely!

you will receive 4 protectors for those whos maths is a little rusty.

To fit these you will need super glue (which every household has already) and a tube of polyurethane adhesive like Sikaflex, Tigerseal, Steadflex etc (which every Roadster owner should own and have used to seal the bulkhead and the wiper tray already or broken headlights will be the least of your worries).

Compatible with:

  • 452 Roadster
Our Price £12.00
(excluding postage)
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