Piper Cross Air Filter ForFour

Many companies advertise a Pipercross filter for the Forfour (PP1692) but the fact is that this filter never made production as the market wasn't deemed as viable. So SmartMods sent Pipercross a Forfour airbox (and didn't tell them what car it was) and paid for the tooling so this filter could be made. I just hope that Forfour owners actually buy them and prove Pipercross wrong.

This filter is exclusive to SmartMods.

This performance replacement layered foam filter is a direct replacement for the paper filter already fitted to your ForFour

The standard installed Smart filters are pretty poor at their filtering capabilities and these filters will improve it greatly.

The design allows a greater flow of air through it, filters smaller particles and retains way more dirt than the standard filter.

Instead of replacing it at service time, it is a simple case of cleaning it out with warm water, drying naturally and refitting so within a few services this item would have paid for itself as well as you experiencing better daily performance and fuel efficiency.

This filter will fit ALL Forfour engines as they share the same airbox, it will also fit the 7th generation Mitsubishi Colt (Z30)

Compatible with:

  • 454 Forfour
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