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If you own an electric smart 451 fortwo and want to save yourself some money, consider doing the servicing yourself.

I have been quoted £260 for a service on an Electric Drive smart. That’s more expensive than a service for a standard engine 451.

Ridiculous considering there are no oil change. 1 filter instead of 3, no spark plugs and no glow plugs. The ED is mainly a visual inspection.

The main thing that needs changing every other service is the desiccant cartridge in the high voltage battery. Smart felt the need to require a special tool to remove the cap to access the cartridge.

This is that tool, we have 2 versions a cheapo version and a professional verison

Look under the car in front of the rear offside wheel to see the cap.
Remove the cap by spinning it off, pull the cartridge out and fit a new one.
Refit the cap and store the tool safely to use again in 2 years.

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