90mm Bi Halogen Headlights

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The Roadster headlights are actual poo. More light comes out of my bum hole than out of the standard headlights.

Thankfully, there are now much better quality replacements. They have a bigger lens and reflector which outputs more light from the same bulb.
During testing, we saw a 54% increase in brightness using exactly the same bulb. Fit these and good quality bulbs and you’ll be laughing.

These have the low beam and high beam in 1 unit. You don’t have to use the high beam if you want to keep the original high beams fitted to your car.

These come in pairs and are only suitable for UK cars (right hand drive / left hand traffic).

We also now include the cabling you need for the lights to stop you needing to source them yourselves.

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Weight 2100 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm

1 review for 90mm Bi Halogen Headlights

  1. Ewan Ceney (verified owner)

    Brilliant upgrade over the original units, makes driving at night much more pleasurable.
    Much cleaner cut off, much greater light output and throw.
    Can’t recommend more!

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