Bosch Injector Servicing Kit


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The petrol 450 fortwo and 452 Roadster are now officially old.

During that time, almost every country has gone through a contaminated fuel issue and there are now many low quality aftermarket fuel filters so there’s a good chance your injectors aren’t flowing properly.

Injectors have small filter baskets that are the last line of defence before your injector gets blocked. Ideally you should consider changing the filter baskets every 5 years. A reduced flow will affect the spray pattern and that will reduce engine power and affect engine longevity.

Whilst you have the injectors out to change the filter baskets, it makes sense to also change the 3 seals on each one because, leaking fuel usually concludes fire, explosions, tears and gnashing of teeth.

The kit comes with 3x filters, 3x pintle caps and 6x seals. This is enough for doing all 3 injectors.

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 1 cm


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