Bumper Adapters


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These screw in adapters take the outdated and hard to find thread of the towing eye hole and change it into an M12x1.75mm pitch thread which are very easy to find in heat treated or stainless bolts.

The adapters are heat treated C45 steel with a black zinc coating.

They are designed with a side through hole to make them easier to fit. Poke a screwdriver through the side hole and use it as a lever to screw the adapters in place. You can use a dab of threadlock fluid if you wish.

They can stay fitted to the car when you remove the panels to make it a bit easier.

The main idea with these is so you can make your own bicycle/ski/snowboard carriers, bumper protectors, bull bars etc. We can’t rate these for towing but it’s up to you what you do with them.

You get 2 for the price that you see.

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