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1 pair of check valve bleed nipples for the front brake callipers.

These make it easier to bleed your brakes by only letting brake fluid and air bubbles to flow out but not allowing air to flow back in when you release the brake pedal.

When fitted, they work as standard brake bleed nipples but when you want to bleed your brakes, open 1 a quarter turn and pump your brakes a few times (obviously put a pipe onto the nipple and into a bottle to collect the old fluid).

This flushes out some of the old fluid and any air bubbles that it contains which can affect the brake feel and performance of the car.

OK, now the caveat to cover ourselves. We offer absolutely no warranty on these for 2 reasons. We don’t know how stupid and untalented you are, so we can’t promise that you won’t mess it up when playing with a very important part of your car’s safety equipment. I have personally seen a professional mechanic screw these in like he was the Incredible Hulk and then wondered why they leaked.

They are only small, they don’t need much tightening. Normally you use a short spanner and nip it up but if you have a torque wrench that goes low enough, aim for 5Nm.

Secondly, the red crap on the threads is supposed to stop the brake fluid from escaping out from around the threads when the nipple is opened for bleeding. Generally it works but again, if you are ham fisted or the postman was heavy handed, this red crap can get damaged and not work very well. I fully recommend removing all of the red stuff and use a couple of wraps of PTFE tape.

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