Female MP3 Lead Adapter


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Adapter to convert male jack to female jack socket.

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If you want any of our MP3 leads with a female socket then this is the easiest way to do it.

What you have here is a male to male adapter but to add to that, it’s a chassis socket too.

All you have to do is buy the standard male MP3 lead and one of these adapters to give yourself the option of a female MP3 lead.

Install the lead as per normal, drill a 12mm hole wherever you want the audio socket to be and screw this adapter into the hole, tighten it up and plug the MP3 lead into the back. You now have a female socket ready for your MP3 player to be plugged into.

The maximum panel thickness for this chassis socket is 4mm so there should be no problem siting it wherever you want it.

Add one of these to an MP3 lead order to get yourself a female MP3 lead.

THESE ARE NOT SOLD SEPARATELY, these are only sold with orders that also purchase an MP3 lead. The reason the price is low is because the weight is minimal so doesn’t add any cost to the postage of the MP3 lead.

Don’t forget to buy our short jack lead if you need one.

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