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Pioneer SPH-EVO62DAB Stereo


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Currently, when it comes to double DIN stereos, you have 2 aftermarket options that aren’t no brand pieces of Chinese shit. The 1st option is the Alpine INE-W997D with the smart specific surround. This retails for approximately £1200.

The 2nd and more sensible option is this unit, the Pioneer SPH-EVO62DAB-SMAB (catchy name huh).
What makes the unit cheaper is that some of the processing is outsourced to your iPhone or Android phone.
So, instead of a built in sat nav that you are forced to use, you can use 1 of many options available on your phone.
The unit prefers you to use Waze but there are several other options on the App Store or Play Store.
The Pioneer unit also has a DAB receiver so you can attach your preferred DAB antenna although, if you have enough data on your phone, internet streaming radio stations gives a better quality audio.

All of your existing steering wheel buttons still work, you can make all of your phone calls in a hands free fashion or even eyes free if you summon the voice assistant.

You can adjust the button back light colours to whatever weirdness you require. It has 13 band EQ if you feel that you want to add extra bass like a cretin or adjust the sound for aftermarket speaker set ups.

The SPH-EVO62DAB features a modular design combining a large 6.8” touchscreen display with a hideaway control unit that installers can tuck into separate compartments of the automobile, providing vehicles with limited dash space a premium upgrade solution for drivers’ entertainment needs. The new receivers feature both Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, as well as entertainment features such as Spotify®, Bluetooth® streaming, WebLink®, FLAC file playback and more.

This kit contains everything you need to replace the standard non touchscreen stereo.
If you have the TomTom touchscreen stereo, you will have to also purchase A4536801400 from your local smart dealer.

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