Roadster Speedo Buttons


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If you are a Roadster owner and you live anywhere that there has any amount of sun, you will probably have noticed that the buttons on the top of the speedo have turned to dust and crumble at the merest touch.

This is because smart cheaped out on the plastic used for these buttons.

They sit behind your windscreen through hot and cold, absorbing all of the UV light that the sun can give to them. Unfortunately, like us humans, UV causes irreparable damage.

In the good old days, you could go to smart and buy replacement buttons. They were just as crap with UV light and would eventually perish just like the ones you replaced. However, now smart don’t even sell the buttons separately. If you want buttons, you have to spend a shed load of cash on an entire replacement speedo.

People started making their own, even 3D printing them. They looked like shit, especially for the price. Then someone had them made properly but for 3 small pieces of aluminium, their pricing was too high.

We decided to get our own ones made from aluminium from a machining company we use based in Italy (we don’t do cheapy Chinese manufacturers). The buttons are held together with laser cut silicone (UK produced and food grade (either blue or white coloured) which is cut by us in the UK.

After a short wait, many fumes and a little construction, the SmartMods aluminium Roadster replacement speedo buttons are finally here, coming in much cheaper than the rest.

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