SE Drive 5 Point Security Torx


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Smart, in their infinite wisdom, decided the hold the gear stick unit (SE Drive) with some bolts with really odd shaped heads.

If you have done any work on your car, you’ll know that smart love their Torx screw.
However, a standard Torx screw has 6 lobes (points).

These high security Torx bits has 5 lobes (points) and they are also security type as they have a pin in the centre. Standard Torx bits absolutely will not work in the SE Drive fixings.

Historically, you had 2 options. Look online and find a seller selling a set of different sizes. You’ll only ever use 1 size so that’s a bit of a waste. Option 2 was to buy a bit from smart. The 2 problems are that the price from smart was excessive and not all smart dealers would sell tools to the public.

Eventually it made sense to us just to buy them separately in bulk to reduce the cost that we can sell them for.

So, here you are, a 5 point Torx bit to remove the gear stick unit from your 450 fortwo, 451 fortwo and Roadster 452.

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