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Trust plug, fully disables the ABS and ESP on your car, will enable wheel spin to help in snow and ice.

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If you own a 600cc or 700cc smart and have ever been infuriated that the car won’t let the wheels spin when you drive on ice, this is for you.

The safety systems in the smart were called Trust, Trust+ and ESP depending on the age of the car. These systems do their best to make up for the lack of talent of the driver. If the car detects the wheels spinning or the car sliding it would decrease the power in order to regain control of the car.

This is all well and good until you actually want to spin the wheels, then these systems are a hindrance.

Why would you want to spin the wheels?

Well, the initial thought is messing around in empty snow filled car parks but this product does have a serious side. You need the wheels to spin to cut through snow and ice to reach the road below especially when going up inclines or if you get stuck in snow.

Fitting is very easy, you just plug it directly into the OBD port, start the car and the safety systems will be deactivated. When you need them back, just turn the car off, remove the plug and restart the car.

With the trust plug fitted and the car started, the safety system light will stay lit to tell you that they are not currently functioning. The effects are non permanent and only turn off when the plug is used.

It is NOT recommended that you drive with the plug in place, it is for getting out of situations only. It deactivates the lateral movement sensor and the wheel rotation sensors on 600cc smarts. On the 700cc smart including the Roadster it also turns off the ABS so great care should be taken.

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