451 Stereo Voltage Regulator


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Important information. This product ONLY works on the Radio 9 and Radio 10.

<a href=”https://www.evilution.co.uk/files/smartlead/radio9and10.jpg” target=”_blank”> THESE ONES </a>

Due to wiring differences with other smart stereos we will be looking at supporting other stereos in the future.

The start/stop of the MHD 451 was awesome right (well no, but but for other reasons).
However, most owners report that the stereo turns off for 2 seconds every time the car starts. In stop/start traffic, that gets annoying really quickly.

It’s simply because of the power requirements of the starter system. It draws so much power from the battery that other electrical systems get a much reduced amount of power. For many electrical systems this is fine as they have integral capacitors to boost the voltage when the supply voltage is low.

The stereo on the other hand, doesn’t have these so when the starter motor spins up, the voltage to the stereo dips momentarily to 8 or 9 volts which isn’t enough to keep it running. Therefore it restarts the stereo causing a loss of music for 2 seconds.

This box of components is a plug and play remedy for this problem. It monitors the voltage and supplies extra voltage when required for the short period of power loss.
With a steady voltage, the stereo remains on and doesn’t restart.

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