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Fortwo 450 and 451 (1998 to 2013) and Roadster ONLY It is becoming more and more common for the ABS (reluctor) rings to fail on the drive shafts. Corrosion builds up on and under each ring and eventually they split causing problems such as: ABS cutting in every time the brake is used. Traction control light flashing. Loss of power. Incorrect wheel braking through ESP. The alternative to these rings is to replace the entire driveshaft which currently retails for nearly £200 each.

Price is for a single ring, it makes sense to replace both at the same time.

These are the new updated design, yellow zinc plated which offers more corrosion resistance over the clear zinc plating found on the older version. Made to a higher specification and to a closer tolerance than the older version. These now don’t need to be be heated up to fit!

Just file off any rust and clean up with a wire brush, apply a bead of threadlock liquid and push the ring in place. Reassemble the car, leave them an hour and you are ready to go. If you’d prefer to use another type of glue, you can. Don’t waste your time with the cheap copies on eBay. Absolutely nothing will compare to ours.

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