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Do you want to carry a bike on your fortwo but don’t want the bike rack permanently fitted to the car? Of course not, it’d look silly.

How about a lightweight and quick to install temporary rack that you can put on and use when you need it, yet it’s small enough to carry even when you are cycling. That sounds like a much better plan.

The plastic coated metal stirrups screw into the tow eye holes at the back of the car and the bike wheels rest on them. Strong rubber straps secure the wheels to the stirrups and with the aid of a few webbing straps, the bike is immobilised and held in place so you can drive your car to bike club or whatever it is you bikists do.

You could drive to the pub, get pissed up, cycle home drunk and cycle back to pick your car up the next day.

Legally you can’t block the lights or the numberplate but from what I can see, the lights are visible through the spokes with no problem. You’ll have to worry about the numberplate yourself (or just not bother your arse about it).

It is really designed solely for the 451 fortwo but they will screw into the 450 bumper and the Roadster bumper, however, with these last 2, you’ll have to work out securing the bike yourself.

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