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Standard metal key to allow you entry if the car battery is dead.

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OK, here’s a simple one for you.

It’s a simple, bog standard key blade, no bells, no whistles, no buttons, no batteries, no fuss, no nonsense.

Simply take it to a key cutting place that can cut dual sided keys (that’s most places) and get them to copy your existing key blade onto this blank.

I hear what you are saying. “what’s the point of a key that can’t open the central locking or deactivate the immobiliser”?

To these people I say this. Have you never locked your keys in the boot or had to open the car when the battery has gone flat?

This type of key can be secreted on the car just in case you do lock your key in the boot etc. And because there is no fob electronics on it even if it was found somehow, they wouldn’t be able to steal your car with it.

The manual door lock can stiffen up through lack of use and the standard smart key isn’t designed for much twist force due to the plastic shell and plastic retainer pin. This key blank is solid metal so is a lot more robust.

It’s also a good key to use if you are working on the car. Very robust, not as bulky and will allow you to do everything except start the car.

The other possibility of course if you snapped your standard key and wanted a cheap blade you could grind the head off and shape it to fit the existing fob. Or you could remove the blade from the proper key and just attach the immobiliser fob to this smaller, stronger key.

It’s handy, it’s 4 times cheaper than the same thing sold by a competing smart specialist and how you use it is limited by your imagination.

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