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Key to insert into the seat belt, to stop the warning beeps.

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STFU (Shut The F*** Up).

The standard phrase for those car owners who are sick of the seat belt reminder noise.

Obviously wearing a seat belt is sensible and stops you eating windscreen in a crash but we realise there are plenty of times where wearing a belt just isn’t necessary and you just want the noise to stop.

Legal reasons:

Medical reasons.
Whilst reversing.
Traveling less than 50 meters.
Driving off road.
Driving on private property.
Driving in a carpark.
Sitting in a traffic jam

Not so legal reasons (but we won’t judge you):

Don’t want to.
Don’t feel the need to.
You are too good a driver to need one.
Too fat for the belt to reach.
Uncomfortable to wear one.
I like the taste of windscreen.

Technical reasons:

Working on the car in gear with the engine running.
Running it on the rolling road.

Anyway. Keep this STFU clip handy, push it into the seat belt buckle to silence the alarm. The clip is plastic with a domed resin vinyl sticker on each side that is decorative and stops it sliding around the cubby hole or glove box when not in use.

These will fit a lot of cars and vans, just compare the shape of the clip to that of your existing belt clip.

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