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Back in 2010, long before a load of other companies ripped our idea off, we designed and had made some oil sump gaskets for the 450, Roadster and diesel 451.

After hearing horror stories about poor sealing using the liquid gaskets and having issues ourself, we decided that a proper old school rubber gasket was by far the best way to go. No smelly stuff in a tube, no waiting for it to cure, no worrying about the sump shifting as you fit it and no bits of liquid gasket floating around in your oil.

A fitting guide can be found here:

In 2019 we decided to make the gasket better. Despite selling over a thousand of the original gasket in 9 years, we had 4 complaints that the original gasket split and that was too many for us. Chances are that the issue was poor fitting or storage by the buyer but we decided to upgrade.

The new gasket material has a nylon reinforced mesh running through it and the actual rubber is slightly harder than before. This gives a higher tear resistance. How long until this is copied by the unscrupulous copy-cats.

Physically check and stretch the gasket for postal damage before fitting. Clean the gasket in hot soapy water. Make sure the mating faces of the engine and sump are clean, oil free and dry before you fit the sump with the new gasket. Do not attempt to oil the gasket or use liquid gasket on the rubber gasket “just to be sure”. This will allow the gasket to move around and it’ll pop out as you tighten the sump bolts up.

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