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Car keys take quite a beating so they don’t last for ever. Now that the 450, Roadster and original Forfour are now officially old, the electronics in the keys are starting to fail, not just the plastic cases and rubber buttons.

There are more and more reports of the tiny buttons falling off of the circuit boards inside the key. This is down to wear & tear and the use of lead free solder which cracks over time.

Also, the original buttons have no dust protection inside them so, over time, the switch can fill with dust, skin cells etc and stop working. This happens even quicker if the case or rubber buttons are damaged.

What we have here is a pack of 3 tactile switches. Other people may call them microswitches but they are wrong. We give you 3 in a pack in case you want to replace all of the switches in 1 key but you can obviously use them individually over several keys if you wish.

These tactile switches have an internal dust membrane and a higher quality internal switch so they have a more positive feel and last longer.

To fit these switches you will need to solder them in, or know someone who can do it for you. Ideally you need to flux the connections first to clean them which makes the solder flow more efficiently and makes a better connection.

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