HEL Braided Brake Hoses


Coloured brake hoses. Smoked silver.

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Braided brake hoses for the front brakes of the smart fortwo 450, fortwo 451 and Roadster.

Easy to fit with a swivel end so no need to remove the brake callipers.
These are available in a load of different colours, see our listings for other flavours.

The braided hoses have a stainless steel braided internal covering that can take far higher pressures than the standard hoses, therefore they do not bulge which reduces the pressure going to the front brakes (the important ones).
The braid is covered with either an opaque or translucent sheath to stop grit and dirt being trapped in the braid which could eventually wear through the pipe.

Unlike Goodridge brake hoses, these have stainless steel connections so they will never suffer from rust.

The reason we only sell front hoses and not rear ones is two-fold.

Firstly, the rear ones are a pain to fit so a lot of people who buy 4 line kits tend to not fit the rear ones and therefore waste money.

Secondly, the smart has a built in brake bias that only sends about 15% of the braking to the rear wheels. That means a lot less pressure is passed into the rear pipes so they don’t need braided hoses.

So we decided it made more sense to you and your wallet just to sell front pairs.

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Smoked, Red, Silver


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